Ameet & Jasmine’s Wedding

I was absolutely brimming with excitement on the short flight from Melbourne to Perth for Ameet & Jasmine’s wedding,  eager to photograph my first ever Sikh wedding! In the weeks prior, I’ve been reading up on the various cultural practices & customs, as well as looking at photos of other Sikh weddings for a little bit of inspiration.

It was indeed an honour & a privilege to be accepted as part of the community, with everyone being so generous & welcoming to make the entire experience above & beyond what I’ve anticipated. The wedding was such a rich cultural experience, a testament of the couple’s Sikh heritage, & a joyous celebration of the union of two beautiful people witnessed by their closest friends & family. And oh yes, a celebration overflowing with lots of dancing, music & laughter.

In fact, the wedding celebrations actually took place over several days, starting with the Sangeet or Celebration Dinner with a night of folk dancing, followed by the Maiyan ceremony involving ritual cleansing with a turmeric scrub, and the women & children getting intricate henna tattoos in a dazzling array of patterns.

The following day, the wedding ceremony or Anand Karaj was held at the temple, cumulating in an intensely emotional farewell ceremony held at the bride’s home, where she symbolically says her goodbyes & leaves home to embark on married life.

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