A little more about me

Hi! I’m Ernest & thanks so much for dropping by. I’m humbled that you’re taking this time to find out more about me & what it is I do.  I hope this little writeup gives you a better insight of my approach to image making, and decide we are a good fit.

I see my role as that of a visual storyteller, a trusted friend on the special day who works unobtrusively to perfectly capture key moments as they unfold, those fleeting emotional moments that are honest and real.

Ever since I shot my first roll of film on my parents’ old film SLR camera I’ve been in love with photography. Hence, even in today’s digital age, I still shoot a significant portion of my work using traditional film techniques. I love the airy palette of pastel colours from film images that allows me to craft fine-art images, rich in texture & tonality.

I also believe in using the right tools to get the best possible images. I use the latest digital camera equipment to craft images that fit my vision in order to give you the best experience possible.

Photography has been my creative outlet over the last few years, one that has helped fuel my passion for connecting with people. May it be through travel photography, editorial shoots, or working with couples on their special day. Through these vast experiences I realised that sharing in the joy of marriage gives me the greatest satisfaction.

These days, I currently call Melbourne home. But I do travel regularly between Singapore and Perth and am available worldwide for bookings.

Please drop me a message to say ‘Hi’. I’ll love to chat and explore how I can help make your wedding day even more special.


Ernest Lew

ernest@handcraftedpictures.com / 0423 188 982 (mobile)

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